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Online auction

The Online Auction run by the Horizon Achievement Centre is where new to lightly used items will be up for auction every week. The weekly operation of the auction will provide employment and training opportunities in the areas of computer literacy, retail, photography, and organizational skills. All proceeds will be reinvested to support programs and services at the Centre.

Donations can be dropped off and winning bids picked up Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm at the Life Enhancement Entrance. Contact

Online Auction Rules

New Auction Items:
The online auction items will be posted every Thursday. You can bid until the following Thursday at 9:00:59am.

Where to Post your Bid:
Post in the comment section under the photo of the auction item. This would be the post with the description of the item and end date of the auction.

Making a Bid:
Bids MUST be made in dollar increments and edited posts do not count. At times there could be additional photos of the item, please do not bid on these photos as they will not count.

Winning Bids:
The highest bid at the close of the auction is the winning bid. If there are two bids posted at the same time with the same amount, the first bid in the comment section will be the winning bid.

Auction Close:
Our auction runs on Facebook time. Any bids posted after the time of the auction closing will not be accepted. (Ex. 9:01:00am. All bids before 9:00:59 will be accepted.)

Winners will be notified via comment on the auction item the morning the auction closes. Cash, debit and credit are accepted for payment.

Picking Up your Auction Item:
All items MUST be picked up at 258 Ferry St, Life Enhancement Door between the hours of 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday, unless otherwise stated. Items are final sale in an as state, we do not accept returns.

Items Not Picked Up:
If an item is not picked up within one (1) week of the auction close, the item will be offered to the next highest bidder OR could be put back up for auction.

Items Not Picked Up:
If a bidder does not pick up items three (3) times, they can be removed from the group.

If you have any questions or concerns, please private message and we will gladly assist you. Email

Happy Bidding!